Fast food, even faster website.

Beautifully presented.

We take great care in the design and construction of our websites so that not only are they functional but also pleasing to the eye. We want your customers to keep returning and in order to achieve this we know that we must make their online ordering experience enjoyable.

When you purchase a Gobble website you are purchasing quality.

  • Fixed cost:

    We do not charge commission on any online orders. A single fixed set-up fee plus a fixed annual hosting and support fee at a level of your choice means you keep all your profit and know exactly how much your online ordering service will cost you.

  • Fully responsive:

    Your website is fully optimised for use on mobile devices such as smartphones. Simply browse to your website on a compatible phone and it will automatically redirect to a mobile optimised version of your site, known as a Web App. Your customer can then add this to their homescreen where it will appear the same as any other app.

    • No need to wait for the app store to moderate and accept your app, then make it available to the general public for download, which can be a lengthy process.
    • No need for customers to search for and download an app from the App Store or Google Play, only to find they have downloaded the wrong app.
    • No need for updates to be downloaded - all website changes are instant.
    • No intrusion into customer’s privacy.


  • Online menu:

    List all of your products online by category in an easy to navigate structure. Inside each category menu items are listed in any order along with a description of the dish (if needed) and the price. Our websites allow for all product variables, from size and extras to meal deal choices and quantity discounts. Products can also be day and/or time specific - great for Happy Hours, Lunchtime Deals or MIdweek Specials, for example.

  • Customer registration:

    Only customers within a specified distance of your takeaway, calculated by their postcode, can place an order (helps to stop false orders and deters pranksters).

  • Delivery settings:

    Choose up to five delivery zones which can be set by either distance, postcodes, minimum spend or spend amounts in virtually any combination.

  • Online card payments:

    Allows customers to pay by card online. Choose from a range of hosted payment options which are paid directly into your own account:

    • PayPal (also allows non-account holders to checkout as a guest using their credit/debit card)
    • SecureTrading
    • Barclaycard EPDQ
    • CardSave
    • PaymentSense
    • WorldPay
    • SecureHosting


  • Manual card payments:

    Allows customers to pay by card over the telephone.

  • Cash payments:

    Allows customers to pay by cash or credit/debit card on delivery or collection with an option to allow card payments on the doorstep.

  • Digital receipts:

    Your customer is sent an email receipt when placing an order. A copy is also sent to the till computer and can also be sent to any other email addresses you specify.

  • Quick reorder button:

    Your customers can quickly add their favourite items from previous orders to speed up the ordering process.

  • Discount vouchers:

    Generate your own discount voucher codes to drive sales and increase transaction values. Distribute voucher codes via social media and on till receipts for cost effective marketing campaigns, configured to suit your needs:

    • Percentage or fixed amount discount
    • Minimum spend
    • Single or multi use
    • Valid date range
    • Valid days of week
    • Order type - collection or delivery
    • Restricted to new customers only


  • Coupon redemption:

    Facility for customers to "cash in" coupons which they collect via other means of promotions (leaflets, press advertising, etc.).

  • Spend offers:

    Offer free items to customers whose orders are above a set value. Choose up to 5 levels of spend with up to 25 items.

  • Multi-buy offers:

    (e.g. Buy One Get One Free) which can be limited to certain days of the week.

  • Controlled alcohol sales:

    Customers cannot take alcohol through the checkout unless there are specific food items in their bag which you specify.

  • Bag charge:

    Set a bag charge per order if necessary.

  • Card charge:

    Set a card charge per order to cover payment merchant costs if necessary.

  • Online Table Booking:

    For dine-in restaurants, allow customers to make a table reservation request (note: works in addition to any online booking system you may already have and cannot be integrated)

  • Multi-branch websites:

    If you have a chain of takeaways (2 or more) and wish to operate them from one website, our multi-branch site is ideal. It can calculate the nearest branch to a customer using their postcode and automatically direct them to that branch’s website. Each branch sub-site is run independently so each can have different menus, prices, delivery charges, payment options and offers. We can offer discounts for the second site onwards when choosing a multisite.

A content management system that won’t leave you in a pickle.

Your website comes with complete control through our easy-to-use management system.

Here you can track orders, see sales reports, send marketing messages, set discounts and special offers and perform many other tasks such as item pricing and setting opening and delivery times.

  • Customer database:

    The customer database contains all of your customer's details including name, phone number, address, email address and order history. Unlike some third-party providers who do not allow access to your own customer database, we give you complete access to yours - ideal for targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Site updates:

    Make alterations to the site yourself (products and descriptions, prices, opening times, delivery information, special offers).

  • Customer marketing:

    Customer emails targeted to a choice of audience (e.g. registered customers who have never made a purchase, customers who have not purchased in the last 3 months, etc.).

  • Opening times:

    Can be set to a single opening per day or separate lunch and evening opening. Bank Holiday option allows you to close the website on certain public holidays.

  • Emergency stop button:

    Allows you to close the website immediately should you experience a problem in your takeaway such as oven failure or power cut, or even if you become too busy! Set a standard message to display or write your own custom message.

  • Order waiting:

    Set your own delivery and collection times and adjust them as necessary when busy.

  • Separate delivery times:

    Full control over your delivery times. Orders placed outside of these times must be collected.

  • Pre-ordering:

    Allows customers to place an order when you are closed and select a time for it to be delivered or collected.

  • Versatile online discounts:

    Give your online customers a percentage or fixed amount discount. Can be set for all orders or restricted to delivery or collection orders only. Alternatively you can have one discount for delivery orders and another for collection. Can also be set to apply to card payments, cash payments, or both, with or without a minimum spend. Option to restrict to certain days of the week if required and can be made to exclude certain products (e.g. meal deals which are usually already discounted).

  • Order control and management:

    You have access to all orders placed within the control area of your website where you can accept or (if necessary) reject them. This allows you to refuse any order which cannot be fulfilled for any reason (e.g. if you run out of a certain ingredient, your oven fails or you suspect the customer is fake). An email is sent to the customer with a carefully worded explanation for the refusal. If the order is accepted, the customer will receive an email confirming that.

  • Legal requirements:

    A Gobble website contains standard terms and conditions, allergy advice, and privacy and cookie policiy pages to ensure that the site also keeps you covered legally.

Support that cuts the mustard.

Real time support is common in this industry and our team is no different, always there to solve website hosting issues with the least amount of disruption as possible. Although the internet is now a very reliable means of communication, servers, routers and networks are still susceptible to breakdowns and bad performance, so whilst we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, we can assure you that when things do go wrong we will work tirelessly with our hosting partners to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our support packages also include routine maintenance such as menu changes as necessary. A simple change such as a name, description or price change can be made instantly - we can even show you how to do this yourself if you like. A complete menu update requires 10 days' notice, although in most cases can be completed in a lot less time.

  • Tierred support:

    We offer three levels of support, each one structured to provide a level that suits your operation and your budget.

  • Web hosting:

    Gobble websites are hosted on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform which stays totally up to date with security patches, running on high-spec Dell servers which automatically scan for DDoS attacks. They feature:

    • Dual Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processors
    • 32 GB RAM
    • Dual SAS Drive (for the operating system)
    • RAID Mirroring (for the operating system)
    • Dual Power Supplies
    • Quad Gigabit Network Adapters


  • Email hosting:

    Unlimted email addresses. Although you won’t need them all they are available in any case. We can set up and install bespoke addresses as required, or arrange email forwarding to any existing email address you may wish to use.

  • Domain management:

    If you require a domain for your website we can obtain one for you and ensure its renewal every year, all included in the support fee. Alternatively, we can set up your website on any domain you currently own but please note that we will need access to its control panel and that you, as the registrant, will be responsible for its upkeep.

  • Website updates:

    All three levels of SP support include updates to website content, usually consisting of menu changes but also including images, special offers, opening times, etc. Although many of these items can be controlled by you through the content management system, we find that many our clients are simply too busy to find time to make their own updates.